Getting Started

It is a very personal and important decision to seek psychotherapy.  Choosing a therapist can seem difficult at first, and you may want to “shop” for the right therapist for you.  I am happy to discuss your specific concerns and questions free of charge at an initial “get acquainted” meeting.  Please call me at 303-478-2353.  I am pleased to help you design your path to a brighter future in any way that I can, whether as your therapist or as someone who can direct you to other helpful resources.

You may have questions about the cost of psychotherapy or the possibility of using your insurance to cover a portion of it.  Please contact me for information about my current rates. I offer a limited number of lower-fee slots based on need.  If you would like to use your insurance, I will gladly provide you with a monthly statement you can submit for "out-of-network" reimbursement.  Please check your mental health benefits as policies vary greatly in how much they cover and for which diagnoses.  Also be aware that if you choose to file claims with your insurance, this requires submitting a diagnosis, compromises your confidentiality, and may impact your rates and eligibility for future insurance you may desire. 

What to expect

At the outset of therapy, there will be a few forms to fill out or review (e.g., information about office policies, psychotherapy, and confidentiality).  I will ask you questions in an effort to understand you and the history of your difficulties that brought you to psychotherapy.  We will discuss what you would like to accomplish in therapy, establish specific goals, and outline a plan for how to proceed.  Typically, we meet weekly for 50-minute sessions, although this can vary according to individual needs.  In each session we prioritize topics and set an agenda together in order to use time efficiently.  To maximize the effectiveness of therapy, you can expect to do some “homework” between sessions, which will be designed with input from you, and may include reading, writing, or practicing a new skill.  Throughout the course of therapy I will ask for your feedback regarding what is most helpful to you, and we will work collaboratively.